Personal Computing

Here you will find a sampling of our home-user offerings. These are the more common tasks we come across in our day to day work, however no matter your issue, please call us and we can assist!

If you are looking for a new computer, peripheral, or a customised build then we can help you out there as well!

Popup and Virus Removal

We can remove those Russian dating and Viagra advertisements!

Slow computer

Talk to us about our warrant of fitness program to ensure your PC is performing right.

Data transfer

Bought a new computer? Great! Let us shift all your email and documents for you.

Computer not booting

We have a fully equipped workshop to diagnose the issues and repair your equipment.


Our staff are up to date with the latest hardware available.


Have multiple computers and one printer? No problem.

Data recovery

We can help recover important data.

PCs & Peripherals

Let us find the right PC solution for you.

Whether you are looking for a family PC, a state of the art gaming rig, a media centre for online streaming, or a build on a budget then let us find and create the right solution for you.

But we don’t just supply computers! We are here for all your computer needs from hardware, peripherals, accessories, to software.

If you need assistance with your PC head over to the Support page and contact us today